Untitled, 2016

vinyl text on wall, 12m 75

Untitled is about a walk in a non-specified city, which leads the reader to two walks: a physical and an imaginary one. 



I am sitting on a bench in the main square of my hometown.

I’m trying to figure out the landscape of this place that I used to know so well.

In my mind, I follow the path I’ve crossed already a thousand times.

I try to remember everything about it: the smell, the sounds, the light, the sky, the trees.

I am heading to the limits of the city called ========== because I’m curious to see till where it grew without me.

I go, mentally, through the roads that may take me to the boundaries I am looking for.

I don’t have to choose in which direction to move, the tracks guide my walk.

It feels as if my feet and this ground have a magnetic connection since my birth, even though I dared to step out to overseas fields.

As I move forward in the journey to the limits of this city, I stumble into other sorts of unexpected borders.

Borders of recognition and non-recognition with the place that for long was home.

Where is home now? When will home exist again?

I stare at the limits of my comfort zone and my incessant curiosity about what is not mine.

Has this old wooden bench ever been mine? Did I ever leave this bench?

I’m walking and it doesn’t feel like having an end.

Because every path is like Heraclitus’ river,

And no one ever steps on the same road twice.